Hwai-Min Lin
Founder and Artistic Director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan, Lin Hwai-min has been called “the most important choreographer in Asia” by Berliner Morgenpost and as an “unchallenged giant in Asia . . . one of the greats of the twentieth century” by South China Morning Post, Hong Kong. In addition to receiving rave reviews internationally for his choreography, he has also received many awards and honors, including being named “Choreographer of the 20th Century” by Dance Europe, “Personalities of the Year” by Ballet International, and the 1999 Ramon Magsaysay Award.
Ju Ming
Taiwan's leading sculptor. He's the man responsible for the megalith statues doing Tai Chi you can see down at the Museum of Modern Art in Taipei. He's known internationally for these sculptures, for his woodcarvings, for sculpting marble with a chain saw, and for a willingness to embrace a wide variety of media in sculpture, including bronze, stone and even stanless steel.

Ju Chuan-Tai was the eleventh child born to an impoverished family in Miaoli. After graduating elementary school, circumstances dictated that Ju would go to work full time. When Ju Ming was 15 years old, his father brought him to be the apprentice of Mr. Lee Chin-Chuan, a famous wood craftsman. That was the beginning of his life as a sculptor. In 1968, Ju Ming became a pupil and protégé of Yang Yu yu. During this period Ju's skills are said to have gone from that of a cfraftsman to those of an artist. Under Yang’s guidance that direction would be modernist.

In 1976, Yang was scheduled to have an exhibit at the National Museum of History. However, he arranged to have Ju’s works shown instead. The 1976 exhibition was Ju’s first individual exhibition and propelled him into the public spotlight. Critically acclaimed for both his singularly raw yet refined treatment, Ju's show co-incided with a renewed interest in nativist themes in Taiwan’s art community. At the same time, a nativist literature movement was unfolding & Ju Ming was embraced by nativist authors. It was during this stage of his career that Ju created the well-known Tai Chi statues.

Ju went to New York in 1981. During this period he developed another sculpture series, the Living World, in that distant city. His Living World Series - Painted Wood sculptures - were exhibited in New York to garning substantial critical praise. From the mid 80s, his Living World Series continued, and Ju experimented with a variety of materials. He tried to use foam rubber and ropes to make original molds and then cast them in bronze in an effort to have the bronze capture & reflect the rubber’s elasticity. All the Taichi Ju focused mainly on the human form, thus the designation of the Living World Series. In more recent works in the Living World Series, Mr. Ju has gone on to explore more faces of modern life. After 12 years of effort, on September 19, 1999, JUMING MUSEUM, opened to the public.


Jin Fong Chen
Jin Fong Chen, became Taiwan’s first player to go to “the show”, playing for the L.A. Dogers from 2002 ~ 2005. Chen played in the Dodgers minor leagues from 1999 to 2002. In December of ’05 Chen returned to Taiwan to play for the “La New Bears”, lured back by a 6 year contract and a cool NT$30,000,000 annual salary.

Business Leader

Morris Chang
Founding Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Ltd. (TSMC). TSMC pioneered the "dedicated silicon foundry" industry and is the
largest silicon foundry in the world.

Prior to his career in Taiwan, Dr. Chang's career was in the United States. He
was the President and Chief Operating Officer of General Instrument Corporation
in 1984-1985, and prior to that, he was at Texas Instruments for 25 years
(1958-1983), where he was Group Vice President responsible for worldwide
semiconductor business.

Chang received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from
M.I.T. in 1952 and 1953, and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford
University in 1964. He received honorary doctorates from Chiao-Tung University,
Ching-Hua University, and Central University in Taiwan as well as Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in the U.S.

Chang was the recipient of the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Award for Exceptional
Contributions to Microelectronics Industry, and the "Exemplary Leadership Award"
of the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA). He was selected by BusinessWeek
as one of the "Top 25 Managers of the Year" and "Stars of Asia" in 1998; and by
BancAmerica Robertson Stephens as "One of The Most Significant Contributors in
the 50 years of Semiconductor Industry" in 1998.

Dr. Chang is Member of National Academy of Engineering (U.S.A) and Member of MIT
Corporation as well. He is also on the advisory boards of NYSE, Stanford
University, and University of California at Berkeley.


Chun Hua Jennifer Shen
Ms. Shen can be seen every night delivering the news on CTV. She is the face of the evening news in Taiwan.

Has interviewed:
----Madam President Gloria Arroyo, President of Republic of Philippines, 2001.
----Mr. Lech Walesa, former President of Poland, 1996.
----Mr. Astrada : former Vice-President, now President, of Republic of Philippines.
---- José María Anzar López Aznar, President of Spain, 1993.
----Sen. Bob Dole(Ex) Majority Leader in US Senate
(US Republican National Convention Houston, 1992 and the US President Candidate)
----Mrs. Geraldine Ferraro : US Vice-President Candidate
----Mr. Howard Baker : White House Chief of Staff

Honors & Achievements:
12 Golden Bell Awards, including “Best Children’s Program Host”, “The Best News Program Host”, “Best Entertainment Program Host”, “Best Social Education Program Host”.
1999: The Most Famous, Professional, Friendly & Clear Speaking, Audience News Host.
1999: The Most Popular Female Anchorperson.

M.S. in Media Management 1989: University of Southern California, USA.
B.A. in Mass Communication 1981: Fu-Yen Catholic University Taiwan.


Chi Ling Lin
Chi Ling Lin, just say the name to your students and watch them swoon.

Since 2004 Chi Ling's image has swept across Asia. She is Taiwan's Top Model taking up the role of spokesmodel from major cosmetics lines and businesses, headlining fashion shows, working in publishing, advertising and even holding the focus of the entire media of Taiwan when she had an accident while on horseback.

Magazines - ELLE Taiwan, VOGUE Taiwan, Marie Claire Taiwan, FIGARO Taiwan. BAZAAR Taiwan, GQ Taiwan, Beauty Taiwan, Cosmopolitan Taiwan, Spring Taiwan.
Spokeperson – Cosmetics, Shampoo, Face Washing Foam, Bathe Foam, Shopping Mall, Jeans, Cellphone, Yogurt, Porridge, Cars, Charities, Costume etc.
TV – in Taiwan, Japan, China and Hong Kong.
Print – Digital Camera, Films, Shoes, Hair Rinse
Fashion shows - Gucci, Chanel, Christian Dior, Tiffany,Agnes b,Tencel, Cartier, Toppy, Anna Sui, D & G, Swarovski, Celine, Chloe,Mokomoto Jewelry, Regent Galleria, TFDA Local Designers, Swatch,T.D.C. Fashion Week Hong Kong…
Anchor – AZIO TV, CTS, TVBS, Golden Horse Award, Golden Melody Award etc.
Punlishing - Books “The Way to Super Model” 2004, “To Share 2005”, “Yokoso Japan”, Personal Stamps, etc.
Chi Ling is with the CATWALK Agency.


A Mei
A-MEI , comes from Taitung, a female singer with a distinctive voice. In 1997, her first album "Bad Boy” hit No.1 at Taiwan’s convenience stores and Tower Records. Since that time she has been IN the spotlight. Get the melody of Bad Boy, and hum it to anyone you meet, or in any situation where there is someone being bad, and you’ll get a response.

Name: Chang, Huei-Mei
Nickname: A-MEI
Childhood name: Katsu, means "win" in Janpanese
Birthday: 1972.08.09
Birt place: Taitung, Taiwan
Languages: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, English
Wu Bai
Just say the name Wu Bai...& hit those power chords.

Wu Bai - the name means five hundred dollars -plays some of the tastiest guitar driven rock you'll hear in ANY country.

When Wu Bai's songs first appeared on the compilation albums Totally Untuned (1990) and Feast (1991), the Taiwanese music scene took immediate notice of this unique singer-songwriter. Writing music and lyrics in both Mandarin and the Taiwanese dialect, as well as producing and arrange his own music, which was unheard of for a Taiwanese artist at that time. As if that wasn't talent enough, Wu Bai's ability for playing blues and rock guitar amazed critics and audiences throughout the country.

After writing and singing the theme songs for the successful soundtrack Dust of Angels, and releasing his first solo album To Love Somebody Is the Happiest Thing in 1992, Wu Bai was praised by music critics in Taiwan for creating enduring, new Taiwanese songs. The China Times Express honored To Love Somebody Is the Happiest Thing as the most innovative album of the year. As he became known as Taiwan's King of Live Music, Wu Bai needed a dedicated backing band to followup his breakthrough album. With Shiao Ju on bass, Big Cat on keyboards and Dino Zavolta on drums, he created China Blue, a group of highly professional and experienced musicians to back him up on his mission to revolutionize Taiwanese rock.

Wu Bai fine-tuned his act with China Blue for two years by touring different cities around Taiwan and working on movie soundtracks before releasing his second album,Wanderer's Love Song in 1994. To date this album has sold more than 600,000 copies in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, and produced the hit song Wanderer's Love Song, which has been covered by many artists in their albums including Andy Lau.